Current Group Members

Jesse Capecelatro
Personal Website
Research Interests: Renewable energy, turbulent flows, particulate flows
Hometown: Brewster, NY
Interesting fact: 100 career wins as a high school wrestler. Competed in Canada and US in flatland BMX.
Mark Czajkowski
Personal Website
Research Interests: Renewable energy, turbulent/multiphase flows, numerical methods
Hometown:Munnsville, NY
Interesting Fact: I learned how to ski at 18 months.
Jeremy McCaslin
Personal Website
Research Interests: Atmospheric flows, flows involving vorticity, coherent turbulent structures, multiphase flows
Hometown: Arvada, CO
Interesting Fact: I eat way too much candy

Group Alumni

Bret Van Poppel
Personal Website
Research Interests: Computational modeling of multi-phase flows and sprays, Micro-fluidic pump modeling for fuel injection, Engineering Education
Hometown: Wherever the U.S. Army sends me
Interesting fact: Wife, son, daughter, and Olivier are all younger (and smarter) than me!
Fan Wang
Research Interests: Immersed Boundary Techniques
Hometown: Pingxiang, China
Interesting fact: like movies, cartoons and martial arts